Links To My JMS Writings

In the month of February 2006 I wrote extensively on the subject of JMS (Java Messaging Service). Below are links to some of the more cogent expository pieces. The first link is to an article that was published on JavaLobby in the Spotlight section.

Using JMS For Distributed Software Development
This is a user experience report based on my several years of programming with JMS. If you're new to JMS then this is a good survey of the lay of the land.

Discussion for: Using JMS For Distributed Software Development

ah...been there done that - and its great!
I build distributed software systems consisting of rich clients that interact with the middle-tier asynchronously via JMS. Why? The network is neither reliable or deterministic. Get over it. In the '90s I did this with synchronous RPC (DCOM). These days I'm messaging all the way and life is much better.

Messaging Interop with JMS & Spring.NET
This is an article on using JMS as interop between .NET clients and JEE middle-tier by Mark Pollack. Very good write-up with example code and illustrative screen shots. Mark used Tibco EMS as the JMS implementation in this discussion but introduces the interesting concept of using the Spring.NET framework as basis to implement JMS interaction from the .NET side.

synchronous RPC considered harmful
Yes, yes, a play on Edsger Dijkstra's "goto considered harmful", but of course is right on!

decoupling request/response
Counter intuitive? Perhaps at first glance.

Why are Java developers ignorant of JMS and messaging in general?
This posting to the front page section of JavaLobby generated 6000 views in the first 24 hours. Overall it garnered more than 11,000 views, indicating a surprising interest level in JMS.

books on JMS programming

vignette #1: JMSType and client end-point message filtering

vignette #2: A Limited Case For Synchronous Messaging

XML data duck typing
I've abandoned XML object serialization and instead surgically glean data from XML via XPath queries.

My latest articles: (well, who doesn't have a blog these days?)

Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006
An article that suggest that OOP is inappropriate for designing distributed software systems
Building Effective Enterprise Distributed Software Systems
data-driven communication vs behavior-driven communication

Thursday, Aug. 24, 2006
The Apple Macintosh line has now fully transitioned from PowerPC to Intel x86. I offer up a retrospec of one who uses Mac and has also programmed its various CPUs at the instruction set level.
farewell to PowerPC - hello to performance and cool running

Monday, May 29, 2006
On the plane trip back from JavaOne I sat across the asile from a MS C# compiler developer. We had a lively conversation the entire trip. This ultimately prompted me to look into something called LINQ.
Language Wars Redux - The Imminent Approach of LINQ